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    We make limited use of affiliate programs, though I think they have a place on our site. But I'm wondering about those of you who make your living (or a significant portion thereof) from affiliate programs, specifically ...

    1) Do you find it necessary to invest money in marketing or does word-of-mouth fill the bill?
    2) The alleged fundamental flaw in the affiliate marketing is that the user may make an initial purchase through your link, but will simply go directly to the merchant's site the next time. Aside from "users keep coming back to my site for the content," how do you sidestep that possible problem?
    3) Do you find banners/skyscrapers/buttons to me more effective or text links?

    Thanks in advance! - Your Internet Starts Here

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    Speaking partially as an affiliate and mainly as someone working with many full time affiliates here-
    -Most full time affiliates do invest - most od ours signifigantly in addition to SEO and more creative marketing
    -Find programs with long return times or who private label their site. Users will return to your site because they never saw the other brand. Looking for a program which retains your id in the URL and saves it when the site is bookmarked also helps.
    -Create something worth coming back for -keep your name in their mind
    -Newsletters are great for retention
    -Skyscrapers tend to be the most effective banners- but text links can't be beat in most cases

    Jessica Hutson
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