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    When my father was 9 years old, 45 years ago his mother passed away leaving 13 children. My grandfather could not raise them(was too grief stricken and wanted them to have 2 parent families...) So the were all adopted out. 2 have died, and 7 stayed in touch, quite close actually, they were around a lot as we were growing up. They knew 2 lived in western Canada, and kept in contact.

    Last month they found the other 2! They were the youngest 2 and 3 when they lost their mother. One was surprisingly close here in Nova Scotia, the other in Chicago! They flew up last week and have left this morning! My new, or just met 13 year old cousin, has never seen the ocean(we are all ocean), or anywhere like here, and they are bringing back a candian flag to fly under(or next to) their American flag.

    I am so happy for my father, I have never seen him so happy since I had my first baby!!

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    Family is a wonderful thing and I'm sure yours is getting larger.

    Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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    The last of my parents died last year, and I recently put up a memorial website about them. The site also has lots of family history from generations back, with lots of people's names from various branches of the family.

    Google recently indexed the site pretty thoroughly, and I've started getting inquiries from long-lost and distant family members who found the site by searching the Web for their family name.

    I'm slowly adding links to other family sites from this one.

    If you're part of a family that's been scattered, I'd recommend doing something like that in hopes that they'll search for their family name sometime and find you.

    I think the days of families permanently losing touch with each other are rapidly becoming history. The Web is a wonderful thing!

    Lola, I'm happy that you've found more of your family. Did the Web have anything to do with it? How did you find them?

    -- Mike

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