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    I'd like to ask fellow webmasters on what is the best banner tracking software around? It should preferably have the functionality mentioned below; of course this is an idealistic view but I'd appreciate your thoughts on the best software on the market (which is affordable) Of course an open-source solution is also fine..

    Tracking software must be able to:
    - Tracker must be able to accept start and end dates
    - Sub Campaigns – not have to create an ad tracking campaign each time.
    - Check for invalid links - also needs to have to support a default URL facility so that we can specify where we want the visitor to be transferred.
    - Redirect Files enabling us to shorten or even hide URLs.
    - Basic Reports

    = Hits to date
    = Hits for the hour
    = Hits for the day
    = Hits for the week
    = Hits for the year

    - Extra Reporting Features

    = showing the campaigns which generate the most visitors and, in the case where action tracking is available, the most sales, subscribers, downloads, etc.
    = An automatic mail out of reports on a periodic basis such as daily or weekly
    = Reports produced in graphical output
    = Option to export the report statistics e.g. to a spreadsheet file

    - Sub Users involves providing tracking to others

    - Split run testing which will allow us to test the most effective sales page to use out of multiple pages. It will alternate the pages that our visitors see so that we can establish which are achieving the best response.

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    far far away....
    I use adcycle.. it will doo all you are asking and more... you will need to change the name any fille that uses the word "ad" as part of its mane... to get around norton...

    I suggest you read the many treads here about this subject.

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    > adcycle

    It's great and simple!

    Also look into CsBanner, simple and many features

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