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    January 17th, 2005
    I recently rented an email list to promote one of the websites that I am working with.
    The host (name supplied by request) received what appears to be one report of spamming as a result of this mailing.
    They removed the site from service. They even removed the email associated with the account.
    There is a short history with this host, located in Barbados, and it is all substandard.
    I have thoughts as to ulterior motives concerning the host's actions, but it is purely speculation at this time.
    We were given no warning prior to the host's actions. They have yet to supply us with more than one spam report, concerning this mailing. The only responses I get to my emails to them is by autoresponder.
    The site has been down repeatedly recently, due to technical difficulties with the host's equipment. The webmail account that accompanied the hosting account did not function properly. I, and at least one other in this office, have notified them of the situation continuouly for over a week. One time, when I was contacting them personally via their chat support, the technican had no answers for me so rudely just broke the connection. Reconnection became immediately impossible.
    Don't get me wrong. I don't commend spam. The list company is supposedly reputable, addressing their opposition to spam continuouly throughout their contract agreements, and recommended by well known names about the internet.
    The mailing was for over 250,000, and the host has supplied one spam report.
    We all know that there are instances where someone will opt-in to receive email after downloading a screensaver, getting some free software, entering a contest, or something, and not remember doing so. When this mail hits their inbox, it is considered unwarranted. I have to admit, I have done this myself.
    With this in mind, I don't see that it is so serious a situation, to receive one spam report after a mailing of that size.
    The host's reply to this was: "We don't make refunds to spammers."
    My question is this, where do I report this host for its actions? How do I get some peace of mind about this mess. I understand that the losses for my company, which are substancial, are just that; lossses. But isn't there an agency to report this type of action to?
    We would like to let the rest of the internet using world know about the practices of this host. How would you spread the word?
    We don't think that this host should be able to get away with this, but see very few ways to prevent it. Do you see this host as in the wrong? What would your next step be?
    If you have any information concerning what the next step is for us, or think that we are wrong in our assumptions, I would like to hear about it.
    bob stokes

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    No doubt in hindsight you may want to reconsider using offshore sites. Spam lists will always contain users who did not sign up in the first place. I have lost count of the number of times I have used to access a free download.

    Sadly whether you agree or not you are a spammer and not a very good one.

    Next time don't go cheap, don't buy a list, use an adword program - it will make sense in the long run.

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    Although GaryS is being a little harsh, I have to agree. Unless you have collected the names yourself, I wouldn't bother with email marketing. Even quite large businesses gt caught out like this.. because address lists and continually passed around, merged and recycled it's quite possible for a genuine list to get merged with a spam list. Basically, the spam infects the opt-in list rendering the opt-in list useless.

    To be honest, I can't imagine that there are 250,000 people in the world who want to receive unsolicited email. It really does sound like a dodgy list you purchased.

    Now.. on the problems with your host. Depending on what side of the fence you're on, it could be that your host has done the decent thing in the battle against spam. Or alternatively, they're not customer focussed and over react. Heck I've even acidentally reported *myself* for spam a couple of times, and all I've received is a warning, so it does look like they were a little jumpy.

    There are lots of web host review sites in the ODP, plus and Alexa. They're always worth a look.

    However, why host offshore? You have zero comeback if your host stiffs you. My second golden rule of hosting is always try to find a host in the same legal juristriction (i.e. state, country) so you can at least take legal action if they rip you off. (The first golden rule is never to register your domain through your host for similar reasons).

    To me it looks like the bulk of the blame for this is possibly with the quality of the mailing list. But as GaryS says, maybe you should look at other ways of attracting visitors.

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    I'd love to know who it is 'cause like it or not you ARE a spammer. Nice to see that someone does something about it for a change.

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    Something to think about from a hosts point of view....if you purchased or rented a list, then it was not opt-in. I've seen this happen to a lot of people. I agree that the host should have contacted you before shutting you down..BUT, if the mail was in the process of going out, they did the right thing by stopping it immediately. No matter what your intent was, spamming is a big problem for hosts. The list of headaches is endless when a host has a spammer...and many will react accordingly.
    It would have been in your best interest to let them know that you were doing a campaign and inquired about any consequences from it..and explained that you purchased the list. They would have told you prior to their being a problem.

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    Seems to me the hosting company did the right thing. Your beef should be with the company you bought the list from.

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