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    just got this from

    Hmm, Got mail from this company "Domain Support Group" It's a good thing I haven't filled out there form yet. Geez I was almost a victim!

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    Well Myself and 2 clients got tricked by Domain Registry of America. 2316 Delaware Ave #266, Buffalo, NY 14216-2687. My office sent them 40.00 for a 2 year renewal and after 48 days of trying to use their notification service to no avail I paid Network Solutions to keep these wanks from claim jumping the domain. Fat chance of a refund or even getting them to use it on another domain coming up for renewal.

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    I thought you would also like to know that the South Africa Mining Scam is still going around. They actually went to my site and emailed me through my site's email address. How wrong is that! Too bad, though, I really could have used $11,390,000.00! Boy, could I have really promoted then! It came from a Dr. Francis Sonto Mbomam (SUPPOSEDLY) to the tune of $45,560,000.00.

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    I work just outside of Buff NY 2316 deleware ave?

    maybe I should make a visit. HMMM


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