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    ok a few questions..

    I call it a game (although I am just starting and I'm still learning) I call anything that I enjoy, a game, because games are fun.

    If you were to pick the best book available on the topic of affiliate marketing which would it be ( and can I get it on tape)?

    Or is there a better way to learn? ALL the details in and out.

    I have been reading the boards and other information I was just looking for all the information at one place.

    These are all terms that I have read and can draw an image to there operations to some extend but for me to truely use them to their fullest posibilities I need to know How the work , what are all the different applications they are used for?

    If someone can give a quick reply on the use of give me a direction where I can learn more about them instead of me looking aimlessly for the details about these programs and any other ones that you all feel are important that i haven't mentioned.

    datafeed ?

    Basic SEO?



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    I think you have found the book (you're posting in it...), you just havent opened the pages yet.

    Use the search function here at ABW.

    Go back and read read read.

    When what you read confuses you (WHEN, not IF) ask specific questions.

    It's all right here grasshopper...

    but not everthing here can be learned by reading... a lot of it is by doing also.

    Never-the-less, the path to the truth you seek is under your feet...

    (man, I GOTTA go to bed.....) Good luck Mike, and start posting your questions.

    [edited to say, Dude! I just re-read my post, and I came off sounding condensending and/or arrogant.. sorry! Not my intent at all... Welcome, and what specific questions you got? Dont know of one book to answer what you want, maybe someone else does? Good Luck, and really, ask whatever specific questions you got...]

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I think you have found the book (you're posting in it...) <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Just to reiterate, this is the place to answer your questions. The members here always offer only the best of suggestions. Good luck to you Mike.

    -gray day
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    I do not know which one to recommend, but there are many affiliate marketing ebooks out there. I am sure some are free.

    A quick search in google yields the following. It's free, so you are not losing anything.

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    Like growing up, some things are best served and only really followed from your on experiences and learning from them.

    My best advice is "to always think marketing" and before you ever put any time in promoting a merchant, do a search on them and see what others have said.

    There are "MANY" merchants that should just flat be avoided. When I first started I thought it was a major accomplishment and was proud I had been approved by companies like BestBuy, Sears, Nordstrom, KMart, Bass Pro Shops, Fogdog Sports, Avon and many others. I just couldn't resist uggh "forming a partnership" "HA" with theses folks.

    Then you put in the work, get the shoppers and the clicks give and give these folks lots of free advertising only to come back here later and say...... What am I doing wrong?

    Knowing "what not to do" is just as important as "knowing what to do" in this business! When you're reading the forum here, keep this in mind and you'll grow you perspective and likely profit because of it.

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    Nunya, Business
    The things with books, ebooks, and affiliate marketing, is that they become outdated quick. This message board is the best place to find out whats happening. This place has everybody from people just starting out making a few bucks a month to some making millions (a few ) When i first got here i started at the beginning, took awhile but well worth it. Then after you read everything, check back daily to keep up.

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    ...some making millions

    That's some incentive to keep going! TrustNo1, are you one of these few?

    "Merchant with no cookie get no clicky"

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