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    Hmm... I find this pretty interesting.. looks like I better Make more sites. So I can retire by November 2004 when employees go on strike. Hmm, Providing a little competition against Safeway! safeway employees who aren't looking into a second alternative is going to be in trouble I feel... Thank god I'm doing something about my life. geez not good Safeway inc.

    Safeway prepares for strike shutdown

    Safeway workers vote against offer

    More competition for SAfeway...

    Safeway Reports Lower Profit

    Safeway profit falls 48 percent

    xtremeshopping inc. goal financial free by 4/6/2004 (my Birthday!)

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    Where's Webvan when you need it?

    All your commission are belong to us.
    Check out the latest Homeland Security press releases.

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