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    Hmm Interesting I didn't sign up for and it sent me a request for my password? which I didn't request does this sound wierd? I'm forwarding this information to good idea?

    Forgot your password?

    If you did not forget your password, please ignore this email.

    To choose a new password, please go to the URL below:
    (please use it exactly as is including all trailing fullstops)
    (a url: that is really wierd #'s on it.

    This request was made from:
    IP address:
    ISP host:

    Thank you for using eBay!

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    I get these ebay scams all the time trying to get access to your account. PayPal also. Well, by looking at the subject line..I don't even open them anymore.

    Yes forward it to ebay. This is one thing they are good about. They take very quick response and have the sites shut down some times within hours.

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