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    From Google's email:

    "You can now set the background, text, and border colors of
    the AdWords ads displayed on your site so that they complement
    your site. This new feature allows you to:

    * Select from dozens of preset color palettes
    * Create up to 100 custom palettes.
    * Choose up to 4 palettes at a time to rotate randomly.

    To take advantage of this feature, simply log in to your AdSense
    account and go to the ‘Ad Layout Code’ page. Once you select the
    palette(s) you want, the appropriate ad code is generated for you
    to place on your web pages. For more information, please visit:

    Log in and Click on "Ad colors". I think it's pretty cool. Can't wait till they make available more metric tools.


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    Several threads on this subject already going in Midnight Cafe.

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