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    I hope it is the right place for this thread.

    I own a website related to a popular video game title which gets around 3000 page views every day. I want to put a some banners/text links on it for merchants that sell game consoles, software (game titles) and related stuff. Can anyone with some experience in running related sites tell me which merchant to select? No please for the obvious reasons. The ones on have EPC of $2-5 only. Any other merchant with a better deal?

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    I have a general shopping site but have had success with: at BeFree (listed as compuexpert, same site) at CJ nice BizRate ratings.
    i've had some sales with at LS although i always here bad stuff about them. I like the first 2 i posted the best.

    I would check out you might find some good ones there.

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    Thanks for your reply. I will check both sites that you have listed and as well.

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