totally freedom coming soon from the day job! for the Crappy job(work)-

I'm standing valiant
Counting for your day too come
I'm standing valiant,
Watching you with fearless eyes
You know what you have done,
Being a victim of your own pain
I'm standing valiant,
Watching you fall in vein
Never making a mistake, does not exist,
I'm standing Valiant
Sensing for that day,
Possible change, always in me
I'm counting for your day,
With no sympathetic apologies
I'm watching you fall,
No barbed wires
Controlling my mind,
Your mind
Better not hide the guilt,
I'm standing valiant
Watching you fall.

Jason M Constans

Copyright ©2003 Jason Constans

I"m going to reach it!!!

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it -- Margaret Thatcher