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    im searching for selling products to put in my website, and 95% of the products in all the categories ive checked have 0$ EPC for 3 month and seven days... nothing sells?? i dont get whats going on...

    in most categories there are 1000 products, only the first 5 have 3 month EPC, 0$ for 7 day EPC
    and the rest are 0$ or N/A...

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    With all the product links available, a $0 EPC is not necessarily a sign of trouble. Some links probably aren't being run by anyone, and others may have just a few people promoting that particular product. I have a few running that perform well that had $0 or low EPC when I chose them. Some of the ones that I have made sales from are still showing $0 for the 7-day and not too much for the 3-month. I think most product links don't get enough "airplay" to show much in the line of EPC (at least if you pick something that the whole rest of the world didn't!)

    On the other hand, I'd say to be careful and make sure the thing is actually in stock and watch the results. Some of the product links may have dodgy merchants on the other end! Also some places run out of stock a lot, which is another reason most people wouldn't keep their product links up over the long term.

    I checked one product link that's been doing well for me and it has a good 3-month and 7-day EPC. But when I picked it, it had $0 3-month and N/A 7-day EPCs! I would say the normal caution when picking merchants would do. If you think the merchant's okay, chances are their links are fine. If they seem a bit dodgy, well...

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