Hello Everyone,

I would like to Welcome Janet a very dear friend of mine. Janet new me years and years ago, in fact we signed an agreement long ago to go into business on the net together, unfortunately life takes different turns.

Janet and I met online and have had off and on contact, but have stayed close no matter the distance or the changes in circumstances.

Janet is about to embark once again into the world of TRYING to make money on the net. Years ago she tried with no success, not a lot of time due to work and her boys.

I can only hope everyone here welcomes her with open arms and helps her as much as possible. Janet has a lot of catching up to do, and needs a good online family like ABW.

To get Janet Started I am giving her free hosting until she gets on her feet, does anyone know of any CHEAP domain buying? She has some good ideas; I explained she should ask everyone here for advice

Please everyone Welcome Janet (name: dlgns) my DEAR FREIND!


Sandra Roussel