Hi all

I have been doing a little dabbling with the datafeeds, and am working on the functionality on my site to display and search the links in my database.

Recently my hosting company made a change so I need to redo my load process.

initially I did a php script that pulled the datafeeds from the ftp location, and save it locally on my webserver.

Then I would do a load dataquery to push my content into a staging database.

the final step was to call all entries for a given merchant from my staging database, scrub the information and push it into my live database.

The change my hosting company did was remove the permissions to allow me to do a load data query from my own php. I can only do it manually from the phpmyadmin tool they offer.

I then tried my hand a shell scripting, but that too has but made unavailable.

Besides changing hosting companies (which I am planning to do) can any one give me some tips on how they load their data into their database, and how they automated it.

the web server is apache running on linux with access to php and perl. I also have the abiliy to cron the files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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