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    Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted, I hope you are all well and enjoying success.

    My question is, how long did it take to get your sites up and running? I'm starting a new site, and I'm hopeful it will be up and running for the start of the holidays, namely Thanksgiving time. So I just wondered how long it took you folks. Thanks for any and all feedback.

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    Hey Diane,

    Well, I had my first site on the net long ago ;-) Prob around 96 or so. Right from the start I did a lot of reading and tried to learn all I could.

    I still do that today but find it hard to find truely "new" info ... most today it is insperational stuff that I read or general marketing books.

    Those first sites back in the late 90's never really made any money. Of couse for the time I put into them I guess it was a fair deal.

    I would see checks now and then but nothing to write home about.

    I decided to take this seriously around 2.5 years ago and launched a content driven site that now is visited by around 3 to 4 thousand people daily.

    I use this site to link to my "commerical" sites and that helps quite a bit. I would say about a year to a year and a half afer I got serious I was able to quite my 9 to 5 ....

    I work hard prob around 30 to 45 hours a week and am always trying to uncover the next "internet gem".

    Focus on one or two program when getting started, pick carefully .... dont get involved in too much too soon

    Once you see income coming in spend time multiplying that .... then after some time move on to your next project.

    I think you have a good plan, get the site up by Thanksgiving... sooner if possible.

    Once it is up spending hours ... working on inbound links.

    Good luck... and Cheers,

    Brian Johnson
    Seek and you shall find

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    January 18th, 2005
    Southern California
    Hello Brian and thank you for your terrific post, I am so glad to hear that things are going well for you.

    Reading about success stories makes me even more determined to make this work. I have invested quite a bit of money, and an enormous amount of time (some days working 24 hours) into this project and I am really hoping to see a return on my investment. Actually, I have even hired someone to help me.

    Thank you also for the words of advice, I can only hope to reach your level of success one day.

    I hope you have a great day.

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