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    My vision is that data feeds are the wave of the future, but the future is upon us now.

    If you get into the datafeed web development scene, you're going to make some serious investments in time, energy and probably money, and you're going to devote that investment to just a few merchants and in a highly customized, non-portable fashion.

    So be sure to pair up with a merchant you have confidence in to be supporting affilate marketing. You don't want to spend a month or two of development effort, hundreds of dollars in fees for whatever, and pass up other opportunities to put up datafeed pages (or sites) for a merchant that will skip town six months from now.

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    No it doesn't really take that much to use a datafeed.

    It took me a total of 4 hrs to write up a half decent php script that will quarry an mysql database and print out those results in categories.

    All you have to do is learn php and mysql. There is nothing else to it. Also as far as merchants skipping town that's not much of a problem either. For one that isn't likely for a merchant whom spent the time to build their db and if it were to happen they can be replaced by just overwritting the old data with new.

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    I agree. I have 3 datafed sites that took approx 24hrs to go live once I got the scripts created. 2 of the three are kicking butt. The third is under a month old but already has 2 sales on it.

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