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    I am wanting to use one of the programs mentioned in here to help me along getting a feed implimented.
    Any best suggestions on getting a small DF sample for me to see if I can get it to work with the program??
    Sounds like CJ sends out a huge file, I only need a small amount of info to see if I can figure this stuff out first.


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    Take off eh?
    Just get someone who has it to whip up a query to spit out a couple dozen lines of it.
    That's all you need to get a feel.
    I'd offer, but all I have is the old feeds (Dec 4th) and I have no idea how much difference there is in the format besides the catalog id thingy.
    If you don't care what format and no one else offers let me know and I'll chunk a bit out for you.
    Another alternative is to download the Linkshare sample datafeed.
    It's on their resource page and it gives you a taste of a pipe delimited feed. Once you figure out how to use one it's not that difficult figuring out others.

    Game on!!!!

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