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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi all,

    We are having few heated tread here lately, maybe because we work too much, so I figure I post this and hope you all don't mind!

    Happy Thanks giving ABW Family!

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> THE DASH

    I read of a man who stood to speak
    At the funeral of a friend
    He referred to the dates of her tombstone
    From the the end...

    He noted that first came her date of birth
    And spoke the following date with tears,
    But he said what mattered most of all
    Was the dash between those years. (1934-1998)

    For that dash represents all the time
    That she spent alive on earth...
    And now only those who loved her
    Know what that little line is worth...

    For it matters not, how much we own;
    The cars...the house...the cash,
    What matters is how we live and love
    And how we spend our dash...

    So think about this long and hard...
    Are there things you'd like to change?
    For you never know how much time is left,
    That can still be rearranged...

    If we could just slow down enough
    To consider what's true and real,
    And always try to understand
    The way other people feel...

    And be less quick to anger,
    And show appreciation more
    And love the people in our lives
    Like we've never loved before...

    If we treat each other with respect,
    And more often wear a smile...
    Remembering that this special dash
    Might only last a little while...

    So, when your eulogy's being read
    With your life's actions to rehash...
    Would you be proud of the things they say
    About how you spent your dash? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    What does the COC stand for? Crooks Overwriting Commissions.
    Don't worry! Tracking is infected!
    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-) !

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    January 18th, 2005
    Nova, thanks for sharing that! Very true and very appropriate.

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    Thanks ((Nova)) - that was lovely!

    Hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!


    If you understand, things are just as they are...
    if you do not understand, things are just as they are.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I was recently reminded how precious life is, I kinda nearly lost my "Dash" the other day, found a tick on her

    Erm.. Meet Dash!

    I never got my T-Shirt

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    January 18th, 2005
    Thanks for posting that, Nova. When all is said and done, the dash is what's really important.


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