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    Hi guys and gals,

    Does anyone know if the software on the following website is legal?

    The prices seem very low in comparison to prices for the same products elsewhere. I know that you don't get the software in a box, but still... I am wondering if you can register this software legally if you buy it.

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    Kind of bizarre, this "service." I gather they are selling you a backup copy of software that you supposedly already own and have a registered copy of. Apparently you can buy this if you already own it. But you can't use it, only keep it as a back up. Yeah, right.

    From their terms:

    9.1 You understand that in order for to make youa copy of any software, you acknowledge that you are the legal owner of this same software, and are looking to just make a new copy for archival (backup) purposes only. You also agree to destroy all copies of the software in the event it is ever no longer voluntarily in your possession. You understand that only the licensed owner (with a valid serial number, where applicable) of the various software found on may use the services located here. You also acknowledge that the software you have was obtained legally and that you have the legal right to request this backup copy to be made. If you obtained your version though any other means, including any pirated versions, or if you do not already legally own the same version of the software requested, then you may not use this service. blah blah blah.


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    Interesting angle

    I wonder about the legality of it as well...


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    Why do they advertise the lowest prices if they are only selling you a backup? Why pay for that? Why not say up front what you are doing instead of putting it in the small print. Maybe it makes it legal for them and then they turn you in to Adobe and collect the $500.00 Adobe offers for turning in pirates.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>If we do decide or are forced to issue a refund or recieve a charge-back, your debt will be turned over to our collections department and you will be charged no more than one thousand dollars to cover our loss. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    What a scam!

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    I've been getting these ads too, and while the cheap prices are tempting, it's too much of a scam - even for a cheapskate like me.

    I can't see the people responsible for this getting away with it for very long.

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