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    I am looking for a 'lean-and-mean' marketeer who can assist me on subjects as: online pr, affiliate programs, virual marketing, advertising in the right newsletters, pop-up campaigns, e-mailmarketing and possible offline-communication. Do you happen to know someone?

    he book is a Marketing-Checklist-Manager of 800 pages (with about 500 Marketing-Checklists). I haved 2 sample chapters, the contents of the book and a press release available. I am also very interested in a partnership/dealership.

    The product targetgroup is marketing-, product- and salespeople. Actually everyone who works in the line of marketing should have Marketing-Checklist-Manager Also marketing/sales students and schools very important as a target group. Marketingconsultants, advertentising agencies .. And so on.

    At this time the product is a real 'hit' in Switserland and Germany.

    Thanks from Europe ----> and Mery Xmas 2 ya all.


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    Off subject here, but I think EMXpert just gave us the answer to the age old question “What’s your job title”. Well from now on I’m going to tell people that I’m a marketeer. Just call me Porthos. Sorry EMXpert I couldn’t resist, but I really do like the term.

    “I get on my knees and pray, we don’t get fooled again!” – Who said that? I said that!

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    Sadly I read that the other way and I thought I would be Cubby.


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