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    I'm obviously a newbie, but I'm reading a lot of the posts and learning fast. Can anyone help me out? I want to develop a new site that is very niche oriented. The site will promote a few specific products of one merchant inparticular. The catch-22 is that I would need to have the site complete so that the merchant can review my site and give me the OK to be an affiliate for them. BUT, I can't complete my site without showing their products and placing their links on my new site. So, I guess my question is will a merchant approve my site while only semi-completed knowing that when completed it will be promoting their products? Maybe a dumb question but any help appreciated.

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    You might just mock up the front page. Honestly, I doubt that most merchants even check their affiliate sites until they start generating some volume.

    You could always try contacting the merchant before you apply, too.

    Michael Coley

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    What Michael said =

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    I agree... very few merchants actually go to your site.


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    Thanks for the help, I'll do exactly as y'all say.

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    Yup, do a conceptual design. They might visit just to check that it's not full of p0rn and warez.

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    If it's a merchant from ABW, they probably will check your site. But these are the same AMs that will gladly respond to your emails, as well, where others probably won't. So definitely email them to let them know it is coming. If you don't hear from them, chances are you can just apply and get approved without having your site visited.

    Good luck!


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