Hi everyone,

I know that there is an "introduce yourself" forum, but for some reason I can't post there. I noticed the icon was greyed out so I thought I'd post in a forum that had a colored icon to see if that worked. I know an introduction is a bit off topic here, but I hope y'all can forgive me. I didn't want my first post to be "test."

My name’s Mark and I’m the E-commerce specialist for a company called Arizona Mail Order. Located in sunny (yeah, right. 37 degrees today and SNOWING! ) Tucson, we’re a mid-range women’s fashion catalog retailer. I’m pretty new to the organization (just celebrated my one month anniversary) but one of my priorities has been to create an affiliate program for the entire organization. Under the banner of Crosstown Traders, there are six catalog/website brands that are being targeted for an early March launch.

In the meantime, however, I thought that I might go ahead and introduce myself to the ABW community. I found the boards a couple of days ago and have spent some time just reading through threads and forums. I like that you folks aren’t afraid to be a bit spirited! Me too!!!!

At any rate, I began my marketing career some 12 years ago as a Cast Member with the Walt Disney Company down in Florida. CM for Disney means employees, except that at Disney you’re putting on a show so you’re not employees you’re members of a cast. Cute, no?

After five years I had the urge to travel a bit so I became a consultant for two years travelling to all parts of the United States (tip: if you’re used to warmer climates, avoid travelling to Nome, Alaska in January) helping small and mid-size businesses do whatever needed to be done to make more profit. One of my favorites was spending six weeks in SLC helping a construction company understand accounting principles and teaching them how to read financial statements. Really great people and so enthusiastic about their business.

I decided to relocate to Tucson after the Travel bug left me (I went to the University of Arizona and really enjoyed the area and the people) and joined the Pima Air & Space Museum (anyone ever been there?) as its marketing director for four years. Another fun experience—had to make things happen with little resources but somehow, marketing stuff always came out so much better when you had limited resources to work on. I really enjoyed working on commercials for special programs I created and then watching the public embrace them.

And now I’m with Arizona Mail Order. Oh, I also teach in the graduate and undergraduate marketing programs at the University of Phoenix’s Southern Arizona Campus. Love doing that. Hours are a bit rough (work all day and then go teach from 6-10 in the evenings).

What do I like to do for fun? I like sports and outdoor activities like football, swimming, jogging, hiking, and spelunking. I grew up reading superhero comic books (great time to be a movie fan AND a comic book fan) and learned to love drawing and cartooning. I’m kind of a self-taught web developer and although I am nowhere near being an expert, I think I get by okay (always on the lookout to learn new stuff though). Oh—an my home theater. LOVE my home theater and DVD collection. I have pretty low standards to make a movie enjoyable. An ear-splitting soundtrack and lots of CGI effects and am I a happy camper! (yeah, I know. Guy thing). I’ve been plunkering around with making movies the last couple of years as PC equipment improved so maybe one day I’ll make it to Sundance. If I do, you’re all invited.

Anyway, that’s a bit about me. Hope that the post isn’t too long but I feel like I already know a bunch of you from reading your posts, so I was pretty excited to introduce myself.

I don’t think I mentioned the catalog websites earlier. They’ve been up and running for 1 ½ years and are due for a design overhaul (just to keep them current) probably during the next two years but if anyone is interested (or to make sure I’m not just some kook) take a gander.

Old Pueblo Traders (www.oldpueblotraders.com) Coward Shoes (www.cowardshoes.com) Bedford Fair (www.bedfordfair.com) Willow Ridge (www.willowridgecatalog.com) Lew Magram (www.lewmagram.com) Brownstone Studio (www.brownstonestudio.com)
Anyhow, that’s me. I’m happy to be here and I think its going to be fun.

That said, I’ll see y’all on the boards!



Mark Vitale
Crosstown Traders
520.745.4500 x4687
520.747.1068 FAX