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    If you can afford it and and quite new to this industry you suggestion is to read the following books, If you can't afford it, then wait until you can and buy one book at a time.. no particular order... Also some of you may not agree with me that books can help you, but I'm ready for the flaming if anyone here disagrees, but we all know that motivation and commitment and leadership are the most important in business and this business especially. because If you don't have it you won't make any $! Your choice indeed.

    Life Strategies by Phillip C MCGraw

    110 strategies for feeling great every day by Pat Croce

    whale done the power of postive relationships by Ken Blanchard

    The servant a simple story about the true essence of leadership by james C. Hunter

    How to slay the financial dragon winning the battle for time and money by William A Stanmeyer J.D

    Your road map for success by John C Maxwell

    Leadership and Self Deception getting out of the box, the arbinger Institute..

    And if you are having trouble with your relationship with your wife or GF, I always have heard that the 5 love languages was supposed to be a good book, has anyone read it? Okay if any of you have suggestions on books feel free to post them. I like reading it gets me to think of new ways to get into my business! okay later,


    okay I'm ready for Ecomcitys post especially

    freedom, it's not freedom till you build a business model where you can leave and the commissions will still be there. :0).

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    OK Jason you asked for it!

    I do agree... smart entrepenuers read books...

    I just dont think I would recommend these books...

    I will take in to concideration the fact you live in the land of touchy feely... find your navel and meditate on it for 2 days!

    But, come on Jason... is this list the best you could do...??

    seems to me you have been dippin into Oprera's book of the month list!!!

    I have 100's of books... heck, i may even have a few on your list...

    But, Surely you can come up with a better list... to recommend to newbie would-be enterpenuers

    Now let's all go over to Jasons crip for a love in..

    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    i liked this one -

    The Perfect Business

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