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    With all the problems that come to light here on ABW with affiliate marketing (forced cookies, crooked merchants, over-writes, and the list goes on), it is occasionally nice to just step and see what you actually have.

    For me, affiliate marketing has opened up such a window of possibilities that it sometimes gets a bit overwhelming on where to start. Because of affiliate marketing, I'm able to explore topics of interest, publish it on the web, and get paid for doing it (I LOVE writing a check to myself from my business account!).

    Oh yeah, working at home in sweat pants with a cat on my lap, being able to deduct the cost of ALL my fun hobbies (fishing, skiing, photography) and not having to deal with corporate politics is, needless to say, also a rather big plus.

    But even neater than all that, at least to me, is that you can create web pages about anything. It opens up a whole new horizon on stuff you can learn, explore and do.

    Up here in Montana, jobs are fairly plentiful but pathetically poor paying. Be lucky to make $8 and hour with no benefits at most jobs up here short of being a lawyer, nurse, etc...

    As such, affiliate marketing has not only improved my financial condition, but given me all the excuse I ever need to actually do what I moved here to do in the first place (I moved to Montana in 1999). And that is, quite simply, to pursue the huge number of outdoor interests that are available here.

    So where does buffalo meat fit into all of this?? Well, because of my web site, I had the finances and, most importantly, the time to take my first ever hunting trip this past November - out in the middle of nowhere in eastern Montana. The free time that affiliate marketing provides is to me the most important thing that this business provides.

    Our hunting trip was done near the metropolis of Winnett, MT, about 100 miles north of Billings. For those who have never been there (you haven't, shame on you!!), Winnett is essentially a functioning ghost town. Once upon a time it had 2000 people. Today, the entire COUNTY has only 300 people - and Winnett is the only town in the county! The town is full of abandoned buildings that date back more than 100 years.

    Our luxury lodging was a n4 ight stay at the Northern Hotel - which was just like the hotels of old. Community bathroom, tiny bedrooms, squeaky floors and, when viewed from the outside, had a striking resemblence to the Bates Motel of the movie Psycho. Cost of the hotel - $14 a night.

    As things happened, while out there on our hunting trip in November(where I also got my first Mule Deer), the people I were with met a rancher who raises buffalo. And, since this is in the middle of nowhere in Montana, he had few people to sell them too.

    So, off we go tomorrow to beautiful Winnett for a few days to pick up our buffalo. While not much of a hunt (it will be like shooting cows, truthfully), get to come back loaded down with 1400 pounds of organic buffalo meat (2 buffalo total) to split 4 ways - all for less than $1 a pound.

    So, what in the world is the point of this? Simple, affiliate marketing is the best business in the world as you never know where it will take you!



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    I thought you were more sporting then that Jim. Bring a Bull fighters uniform wiht ya and kill the beast the old fashion way with a bowie knife or sword.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    "Payment is one option that isn't negotiable. Merchants require it for purchases ...SO DO WE."

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