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    Hi All ! I work with the eBay half-year. I buy very expensive elite traffic and my eBay EPM 120$.
    From the beginning of December the eBay company (, has ceased to pay registration regularly. First I have completely lost two-day earnings (about 100$) that the link of my banner has simply stop to work. Now I have faced with a problem of that the company simply does not pay for registration (eBay perfomance at CJ do not fall).
    For the traffic I continue to pay. The company pays 5-10 dollars per day (at own discretion). Apparently payment is not late. Payments it will not be simple. Why the CJ which is the guarantor of what me do not deceive, allows such things ? I understand, that the eBay company in the radical image changes the policy and on its site there are technical works but why it for the period of these works has not suspended the membership in the CJ company or even has not notified the publishers that there will be such problems. What to me to do friends? I pay half of that I earn for the traffic.

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    If I understand correctly ..

    Have you checked to see that the ad didn't expire ... you may have to update it.

    Regarding the payments I suggest you check to see if they batch their transactions and contact


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    Hi Haiko ! Unfortunately I am not strong in English. I hope you of me forgive for it. My the basic foreign - french.
    The link is not expire, it simply stop to work and again began to work in 2 days.
    By the way the eBay company till now dead.

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    Hello Lokhankin!

    I wonder if ebay is earning money for any affiliate? I am not an ebay affiliate, but I hear they do not convert clicks into $ as good as they once did.

    If you want some help writing a question for CJ, tell us what you want to say.


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    Just making some 0.05 @ here.

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