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    hmmm.. first, hello... This is my first post.

    My question is..... what do you use and/or
    recommend for a shopping cart/click tracking/database? I've been researching the topic, and I see that there aren't any single answers for people like us because of the fact that all of the company databases are separated, etc. So... how have you guys solved this dilemma?

    Ty ty =)


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    If your not a network merchant you can use something like I say not a network merchant because any analitical stats program you shoe horn into the clickstream can and will effect certain networks affiliate tracking. ABW had a thread on this clickstream data mining subject and the networks and 99% of all merchants refused to comment.

    General start to alternatives begins with Googling...

    Cheapskate merchants can contact me on shopping cart recommendations, some with indy affiliate sales tracking, with my simple system for tracking sales to even PPCSE keywords and online/offline advertising conversion ratios. I charge a nominal fee for this info, as it saves my clients 1200.00 per month on the alternatives. Charlie gives the info away if you have a suitable parrot for Springtime breeding.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

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