Hi all,

My daughter Melissa is helping me PT with secretarial work and she is awesome! She has time to do some additional work if any of you need help.

She has severe back problems and can't work at her regular job right now, but working from home is perfect and she and her brand new hubby could use some extra money.

She types 75 words per minute
Degree in psychology
Straight A student
Perfectionist (like me)
Excellent writing skills
Would do well with marketing copy
Loves to do online research
Also likes building spreadsheets (Mom says yuck!)

I pay her $15 an hour but I think she would work for less than that for you guys depending on the project! (I'm Mom so pay her well because she is worth her weight in gold to me -but I DO know how to negotiate with her and may be able to get the price down for you!)

BONUS: Her Mom knows a little about marketing and will make suggestions and proof work at N/C.

PM me if you have any work she can help you with.