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    January 18th, 2005
    There is almost no excuse now for not fixing a new bad post you made, before it gets archived with your name on the world wide web for eternity.

    No body's perfect, we all make mistakes on this life and I am glad that now with the new version of ABW, we're able to rectify some of our own recent posts.

    Last year when I suggested that {you should have at least 2 hrs to edit your own post anywhere on this board} some people agree and some people disagree on my suggestion.

    While is true that we should think before posting, it's also true that many here post with out thinking, reading or refreshing before replying to a post.

    These are some of the benefits I see with the new extended editing time and why.

    By editing some of this. --- You may not only save space & bandwidth but, accomplish this too.
    --------------------------------- -----------------------------

    1 - Double post made by mistake. --- no blank post that might cause and extra page.

    2 - Spam links posted by mistake or on purpose. --- prevent the link popularity to those sites.

    3 - Way, way off topic posts on an ongoing thread. --- avoid insults.

    4 - Insults and profanity made to another member. --- avoid more insults and look more professional.

    5 - Personal information. --- prevent offensive inquisitiveness.

    6 - Posts or replies made when you're having a bad day. --- {find your own excuse on this one.}

    7 - Replies to this post you're reading now. --- express the way you think about the above ideas.

    The reason I open this topic is because I have read other members posts in where they say that they would like to edit something they posted but, it was not possible after thirty minutes, well.... now they might have the opportunity to do some spring-cleaning posts they might not be too proud of having around the forum for ever.


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    > There is almost no excuse now...

    Thanks Mr.Sal

    Yes, It is a great feature just tried it myself in an earlier post.

    Good way to keep the post's clean and free of tiepos (I mean typos')

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