Here is a press release from CJ regarding how much their datafeed helps with conversion ratios, I thought you may find interesting.

According to a CJ Press Release, direct product links (ie: CJ Product catalog) average conversion rates double those of traditional link formats.

The problem with the CJ feed is they charge publishers for it unless you are making $10,000 a month in sales.

I am an affiliate management consultant for several programs and just had a datafeed programmed for one of my clients Irvs Luggage Warehouse. I can tell you that this move has been OVERWHELMINGLY successful for us and our partners and sales are already starting to grow plus it has attracted a lot of new affiliates to our program because datafeeds are just in huge demand right now.

Comments we have gotten from our beta testers include:

"... the system works great, the feed is great. It took me less than 1 hour to process it and generate the site. Far better than many of the other datafeeds. Great Job!"

"By the way, I love your feed. It is one of the easiest and most customizable
one I've used so far."

PM me if you are a merchant who has datafeed questions, I can give you some pointers plus the datafeed programmer that I worked with for Irvs does a great job and was very reasonable. I would be happy to provide a reference.

I know that I was initially very intimidated about the whole datafeed issue but now that I have tackled a couple and know what is important and how to streamline a great interface, it's really not that big of a challenge and more than worth the effort to offer this sales tool to your affiliate partners.

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