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    I'm starting to wonder if bots from google is inflating on links this month. Because Basically it's showing as an example: 500 raw clicks with every indy and 100-200 for uniques.

    Now this is with INDYS mostly that I'm seeing this happen is anyone else seeing this? the bots and spiders inflating clicks on your indys where your raw clicks is more then 100% of your uniques. Now this is with most of the ABW indys on this forum. What the is going on? Anyone else seeing this?

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    January 17th, 2005
    It still happens with annoyingly regularity, and I'm seeing a couple of new Google bots the last couple of days.

    The click count has skyrocketed, but it seems to be a 'normal' day.

    I've checked around and nobody seems to be bothered about it, so I never pursued it further.


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    I don't mean to sound like an ass, but worrying about a jump in the number of clicks in a day is a great way to drive oneself insane.

    Why? Clicks set cookies.
    Dr. Strangeweb, or how I learned how to stop worrying about SERPS and love the WOM.

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