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    I just got a call from a telemarketer who got my name from my contact info from one of my sites. He was blabbering on about something called "natural results" and I told him I did not understand. After he talked for quite a long time telling me how it would be to my advantage to get in the top ten in Google and how they could help me do that and stay there.......I asked him what my major key word was...he told me what he thought it was and I said.."did you realize I am number one in Google for that?" He checked and there it was...then he started asking me how I did it. I told him I guess I did it the same way that they do. He asked me if I had the time to do what it takes to keep it there and I told him yes. Can you believe that? Anyway..the whole tone of the conversation changed. He caught me at a good time or I would not have even listened to him. Needless to say he did not make a sale.

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    Bill interesting.

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    Thats funny I wonder if he ever looked at your site in the first place to see where it was ranked.
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