Because we can't make NY because of my son's health problems, I have one ticket for a front row seat to Boy From Oz staring Hugh Jackman ( I think that is how you spell his name) I don't have time to sell it on ebay, and would be happy to give it to someone on this forum free, if you would reimburse me overnight fedex shipping (I think it would be $25 to get it to NY overnight) The play is at 8 pm and it was purchased for my husband for his birthday

Anyway, if you are not a total newbie on ABESTWEB and can fork up the shipping, I will send it to you, I hate for it to go to waste. Thanks! Anne

Orchestra, Row A seat 1

Can't get any better than that, LOL!

PS I also have four front row seats for Beauty and the Beast on Thursday night at 8 pm, I am going to put on ebay tomorrow for exactly what I paid for them, $400. If anyone wants those, let me know, but I really need to sell those. We are losing so much money on this trip by not going. Thanks!