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    Just a regular Wednesday morning gripe...

    Going through my junk mail this morning to ensure nothing of value has been lost to the wilderness of incoming email spam I receive on a regular basis, mainly due to the fact that my business email is available through CJ to anyone who wants it, at any given time - this would include anyone hoping to spam merchants with the use of the keyword 'AFFILIATE' embedded SOMEWHERE within a useless email advertising anything from the likes of fake rolexes, viagra, illegal prescriptions, bodily enhancements - you name it - you all know what I mean.

    The award for "most ridiculous subject line" goes to one of many online prescription hawker/spammers for an email received today - an email with the far from admirable subject line:


    Yea... that's it you crumb. Go and insult your target market 'cuz THAT will result in a TON of sales, now, won't it?

    Sheesh. Some of these folks need a serious lesson in marketing 101.

    Feel free to post your favorite ridiculous marketing stories here. The ignorance of spammers never fails to amuse me. I'm sure I'm not alone here.

    On that note - have a wonderful day everyone!!

    Best regards,

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    I got a funny sp*m email the other day. It was from someone claiming they just realized they owed me $500 and wanted to set up a payment plan to pay me back! I’m sure it was from an honest person that just had to clear their mind of the money they owed me for some unknown reason (maybe an honest merchant that turned their cookies off at some point )

    A link later in the email directed the visitor to a loan company....go figure!
    "Merchant with no cookie get no clicky"

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