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    I managed to get datafeed to work in my site. I changed category names and added some fields in the source file. Is there a way i can automate the updating process?


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    Eliminating ALL the pre-sell/value-add work involved in affiliate marketing is NOT on the merchants short list. They seem to know more and more about SEO and are even waking up to the fact that parasite BHO's demand a cut on even non-commissionable cookie setting activities.

    Affiliates seeking fully automated doorway pages, concentrating all their efforts on SE spamming, will drive merchants aways from ever providing datafeeds. Some ebiz plan ...automate 1 complete datafed site and then rush to get 200 domain names to duplicate the exposure. Merchants are then forced to open hundreds of traffic competing mirror sites for those who don't invest a dime in a e-catalog or customer fulfillment services.

    Rightfully they will have to re-think their strategy of mirroring their e-catalogs through affiliates. When the BHO's start popping up comparision product displays and incenting them, as roving checkout lane hawkers, the game of automated comparison shopping will have come full circle.

    The tricks for clicks greed mongers and auditrons using Afftrac and network product/incent autofeeds demand merchant's lazy AM's play the protection fee game. Either you buy into the "advertise at the Point of Sale" on your competitors site game, and pay us extra % on non-commissionable traffic, or we turn your domain into a popup hell hole.

    Spam e-mails seem to be less and less effective so the new game for those without BHO theftware now turn to cheap datafeeds seeking to control the listings. like they do with coupons.

    I can see from the huge ABW "yawn" over my suggestion the community buildout a ABW testbed Cybermall to showcase best practices do work, that the majority are not interested in anything more than "commission shortcuts". Damn shame.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    Useful perspective. A good number of affiliates and merchants alike are increasingly aware of these issues, glad to see them brought to light, and acting on them, even if incrementally. There are more merchants acting to rid themselves of the scum proactively, and more affiliates dropping the merchant who don't. Inevitably it will hit the affiliate systems more. It may be that some of the affiliate system staff or management decisions to tolerate the scumware are willy nilly putting their own board members at legal risk in feigning a blind eye to what constitutes patterns of fraud. But that's something that'll play out in time.

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