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    How much further manipulation of data do you do after importing the initial feed file?

    For example, does the final DB schema that runs your website mimic the denormalized text files you downloaded? Or do you normalize the data -- ie. break out lists of categories and such into separate tables?


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    If you're only using one merchant on your site, I don't see much reason to normalize the tables. I just keep it all in one table and work with it that way.

    A mall-type site may be another matter, though. Depends on how you build it.

    However, I have very few feeds where I don't fix problems that the merchants haven't gotten around to fixing. For example, categories spelled wrong, excessive HTML, etc.


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    So far I'm trying to incorporate 3 and soon 4 different datafeeds into one web site. They are all related and have many of the same product categories. They're just organized differently. I need to make a lot of changes so I'll have similar items in the same area.

    I did break out the main category into a separate table, that way I can add other fields to it. Those fields will change the way the categories are displayed on the page.

    I don't see any other reason to normalize the data in the feeds. There aren't that many fields in the tables and they are very relevant to each other.

    Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.


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