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    January 17th, 2005
    My usual routine is to just let the domain expire. One site I am thinking of dropping has a Yahoo directory listing that I paid $300.00 for back when $300.00 got you listed for life. My thought is if I sell this site the Yahoo directory listing will remain. Does anyone know the answer to this? Can Yahoo dump it if I transfer the domain to someone else

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    I'm not sure what you want to do here. Normally, when you sell a site, the domain name and all its links come with it. So in effect, the Yahoo directory listing comes with the domain. This makes it a bit more valuable. But if you want to sell someone the site but not the domain name, then you are stuck with a domain which has a nice directory listing at Yahoo. That is, until they realize this and delete it from the directory. But until they do, there is some value to the domain itself, for it probably gets some traffic which can be monitized. Hope that helps.
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    January 17th, 2005
    It is the domain I would be selling more than the site. I actually haven't worked on this site in over a year. I have a similar site which does quite well, also with a Yahoo directory listing, so that is where I put my efforts. Well that and some of my other too many sites that I have. Guess I need to go over and read the terms at Yahoo and see if a transfer gives them the right to dump my listing. If I decide to sell it, won't be till next year sometime.

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    I seriously doubt that they monitor transfers. As long as you keep an active site on the domain and don't put something off-topic in its place, I doubt any consumers would take the time to complain nor would Yahoo take the time to remove it. That's just my guess.

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    I might be interested in it. What is the theme? PM me.

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