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    Ok, here we go. I am finally getting around to trying to pump up a couple of my sites and could really use some good inbound links. I would prefer some non-recips that align with my category (Craft Supplies) and I have some sites in other areas that I could return the favor on. Also, I am looking for suggestions or assistance on how to get my crafting forum off the ground. Don't worry, I have no intention of starting an affiliate forum

    If anyone's interested or has a suggestion, please let me know.

    Haiko - sorry if this isn't where I should post this. I've never posted a call for links before and wasn't sure where we usually post them. Also, if this isn't an acceptable post, feel free to kill it or any part of it.

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    I am always looking for good link exchanges too. If your interested I have my sites listed on

    I am also open to front page exchanges - they seem to work well if done properly

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