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    ..besides world peace and the end to parasites. Actual stuff you want. Trying to get some more ideas, i always wait till the last minute to make a list. So far:

    Laptop case.
    Optical mouse for laptop.
    Lounge gear.
    Socks, mom will take care of that
    DVDs, CDs.

    Trying to come up with more to put on list.

    A gift i got last year was perfect. A stamp with my name and bank account number for checks, great time saver. You might want to put that on your list.

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    Sounds a lot like my list although I couldn't wait and bought my laptop case and mouse on Sunday. Picked up the Logitech MX1000 and the Targus 17" bag for my brand new Powerbook

    I always get the best gifts from myself!

    - Scott
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    Good one Trust!

    It will give others idea of what their spouse wants!

    I want...
    1) Play Station 2
    2) New puppy
    3) New Kitty
    4) Extra HP
    5) A Tennis Court

    6) 2 Million Dollars!
    (Hey Poon get to work! )

    You know I can't really think of anything I want.

    Oh yah! Shoes gotta have shoes!!!

    Don't forget those that need a little christmas, we have adopted a family of five this year, it is a cool thing to do every year.

    Share a little!

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Nova - Mrs. Happypoon:
    Share a little! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Excellent suggestion Nova!

    This is the best thing you can do to add to your list "Share a Little!". Add this to the list and try to make someone else's Xmas worthwhile as well.
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    We're just asking for money & gift certificates to places like Home Depot, Ikea, etc so we can get stuff for our first house!
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    My list is pretty simple;
    1. mp3 player (2 or 4gb)
    2. Miter saw (gonna expand the deck)
    3. Book (stephen king, dark tower series, Susannah's song)

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    Something to wear, something to read, something to play with and something to eat.

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    We got a gift certificate from Ebay are ther any power sellers on here that want some buisness.

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    January 18th, 2005
    1. SALES.
    2. MORE SALES.
    3. Dreamweaver class.
    4. Assortment of Pop Culture collectibles. My mother believes that b/c I'm in my early 30's, I should be beyond this. HA!!!!!!!

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    Hubby gave me a shopping spree last week and says it's my Christmas present. NO WAY!

    So I want the
    1. vanity for my bedroom
    2. The jewellry box I keep taking him to see
    3. A Laptop
    4. Stuffed teddy bear to add to my collection
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    Well, I thought I wanted a handheld GPS until I found Microsoft Streets & Trips 2005 With GPS.

    The room that the laptop would take up in a car isn't an issue, since I want this for my motorhome.

    I'm just trying to make sure that Bill Gates has a good Christmas too. Although, with all the computers and X-boxes that'll be bought as Christmas gifts, I'm sure he'll be doing just fine

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    My preferred gift this year is Amazon vouchers. Frankly I've got enough STUFF already but wouldn't mind a new laptop.

    HomeFlower: bears *do* tend to turn up at Christmas in my experience. You know that they hibernate all the time while wrapped up?
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    Just one thing, as always: Money! It always fits, never spoils, and never needs to be taken back to the store. And, it's not subject to the oddball ideas people have of what would make a "good" gift.

    I can convert it into Stuff myself just fine--knowing that I won't be stuck with clothes, or things that the clueless think "do the same thing" but actually don't come close (no $10 web-page-makers instead of DreamWeaver), or other sundry crap.
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    A house with a large swimming pool near my son's school,

    with a library full of every comic book ever printed,

    a huge room with the latest home theater equipment, set up to look like a theater, with lush curtains, beautiful carpetted floor and extremely comfortable sofa sets and DVDs of every movie every made

    and a room for surfing the net, with the fastest connection possible and the largest LCD monitor,

    a butler, a gardener and a housekeeper fully paid for, for the rest of my life.

    Now that is what dreams are made of.

    Back to reality. Cash would be the best. Then I can spend it on what I need (want?) at that point of time.

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    I asked for flannel pajamas! lol!

    Seriously, I don't really get into the whole gift thing. There are no kids in the family so it all seems a bit silly and commercial to me.

    Hubby and I are going shopping together next week so we will buy ourselves some special things we want. I've picked out a beautiful winter coat and he wants an iPod.

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