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    I am having problems with some of my feeds. When I view them in Excel as a tab delimited file they look fine. But then when I save them in tab delimited some of the fields are getting " (quotes) placed around the text. Then when I import them into sql they are printing with text.

    Is there some way in Excel to strip these out? The problem is that I cannot see them in Excel, but they are in the text file.

    I would think there is someway to tell Excel not to add these, but I sure can't figure it out.


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    I had the same problem.

    It turns out it's a known bug with Excel. Any text field that has a comma in it has surrounding quotes added when it's saved as a tab-delimited file.

    I assume Excel thinks it's saving text as comma-delimited, and so adds the quotes.

    Test this yourself, add a comma to a text field, save it, and check. Incredible! It's been known for awhile, and good old MS hasn't seemed interested in fixing it, either.

    My only use for Excel right now is in preparing text files for use by WebMerge. WebMerge has a checkbox ("Text values are in quotes") that can be checked to strip off the unwanted quotes, so I can live with it.

    But hey Microsoft, fix it already!

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    Your right! That is the problem. Now I guess I will have to open them in a text file and do a search and replace for the "'s. I do the same as you when using WM and it works great. I suppose that there is some way in my script to strip them, but that is over my head right now.

    Thanks for the quick answer!


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    MikeO is right, thank you Micr*s*ft !

    I hate to say it, but be careful with the text editor, there are some HTML tags that have double quotes in them.

    What you can do, is do a column-by-column search and replace (click on the "find" tab in the search window to find the first instance). You should select the entire column to limit your search. This way you should be able avoid changing the HTML source.

    THere are some other ways to strip the double-quotes out of the feed using for example PHP, but that's another story.

    I am looking for add-ins to excel that can help with this and other things, I'll let you guys know if I find anything.


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