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    If any of the more experience webmasters(or mistresses) are willing to test out, see how everything looks, critique our datafeed layout and information I would GREATLY appreciate it. If your interested please send me an email

    and I will send you the text file.

    Thank you ALL!

    Ian Larsen
    Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply
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    Not sure whether displaying that big Verisign logo on your site is a good idea.

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    What kind of things are you looking to do with the test? What kinds of things do you want folks to test for? Maybe I missed it, but what kind of program do you have for affiliates? And lastly, how many products do you have in your feed/file?


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    Yeah, what buy_online said..

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    I've PM'ed you my URL if you want to take a look at it, Google has not picked it up yet though

    Take care
    Gordon CEO of
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