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    Reversed commission
    I just had a commission reversed with Final Smoke. I see that this merchant is also "temporarily offline" now.

    Does the reversed commission have anything to do with their offline status? Will the commission come back if/when the merchant comes back online? Was it a product returned? Where can I see the reason for the reversal?

    I've had to take one of my websites offline for a while because of all the "temporarily offline" merchants I had with SAS on that site. Some have come back, some still go offline every now and then, others months later still show as "temporarily offline". This is more than annoying. Is there something in the works to take care of this problem?



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    You could use merchants that have "auto-replenish" on. This means that they have setup their account to automatically add funds when their account is low. That way they don't go "temporarily offline".
    You can identify these merchants by an "Auto $$$$" logo on the merchant detail.

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