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    January 19th, 2005
    Share A Sale Datafeeds
    OK - I signed up for Share A Sale.. and was looking forward to getting just one of their DATAFEEDS... ( Products I Couldn't Find Any Where Else )
    When I went to sign-up for the datafeeds.. they ask If I am a member here??
    I found this really strange..
    I am a member here.. but what difference does THAT make??
    So I just clicked back and left...
    It's not that I am not a PROUD MEMBER - I just think that it's ridiculous that they require you to actually give THEM your user name for THIS BOARD in order to get access to the DataFeeds..
    It Just Sounded To Fishy For Me To Be A Part Of..
    So I don't market anything for Share A Sale now.. simply because of this one item in their requirements...

    I may be losing money by not going ahead with the sign-up form..
    I don't think it's any of their business where I post or what I am a member of..
    I signed up for Share A Sale.. and that should be enough...

    Let me know your thoughts and any idea why they would require you to be a member here...??


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    Outsourced Program Manager Jorge - SHOPiMAR's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005

    We are all proud members here, but where did you read this that in order to get a datafeed you must be a member. Is this from shareasale?

    That must be specific to the merchant you requested the feed from. Usually it is pretty simple process and nothing to do with if you are a member of ABW or not to get a datafeed.

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    I am sure you can leave it blank if you want. I know we have affiliates here that do not display their user name to this forum in our SAS merchant account.

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    Outsourced Program Manager Chris -  AMWSO's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    As far as I am aware it is not compulsary I have many partners who are not ABW or other forum members and have access to the datafeeds, maybe it has changed but not as far as I am aware?


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    It most certainly is an optional field. The reason for inclusion is to track the ROI of Brian's and merchant's time used in participating on the boards.
    Continued Success,

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    Outsourced Program Manager Jorge - SHOPiMAR's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    SuZe, It's optional and shareasale has nothing fishy about them. I can tell you that Brian DOES look out for affiliates best interest over any merchant.

    Perhaps he should make it a mandatory field, well not really, (I don't like mandatory anything) but I have seen some affiliates, (no saying you SuZe), that sometimes need further help and sometimes they have gain publishing or other parasites on their sites and perhaps should visit or be a member of ABW to learn more about what goes on in affiliate marketing.

    Required Entry Exam: ABW 101

    Could you imagine thousands of pages out there in a datafeed with gain downloads, etc. I have seen them recently, even with long time affiliates.

    It might not be mandatory, but this is what I have at the bottom of all my emails. I say all managers might want to provide a similar message or link. I think many new and future affiliates will appreciate it, like the ones that have thanked me for providing a source where to get more info and learn more.

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    ShareASale President/CEO and ABW Veteran Brian - ShareASale's Avatar
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    I'm not sure what page you were on, as there shouldn't be any requirement for membership in order to access any datafeed. You will be required to be a member of the individual merchant program that you are trying to access...perhaps that was what you were being asked? Each program on ShareASale is run by the individual merchant, which is why you will need to be a member of their program prior to being given access to a datafeed.

    The only place where we require a membership to a message board community is in our "Premier" section, where we have attempted to increase communication between merchants and affiliates by requiring both to be members of one of several message board communities (included in that list is ABW of course ). The "Premier" section is an add-on, and you don't need to be part of it in order to access the datafeeds of your merchant programs.

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