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    AllPosters sales tracking problem???

    I have read many posts on forums about AP Affiliateds complaining of extremely low sales conversion. Some people are sendind thousands of unique visitors to Allposters and getting no sales at all. I myselsf sent last year more than 5000 unique visitors to then and had an average of less than 1 sale a month.
    How are you guys doing? Is something wrong with the tracking system?

    "To see some discussion about this topic have alook at forum in the Advertising Sales & Affiliate Programs area. Also you can another discussion at under the General Affiliate Discussion area."

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    Poster programs get alot of lookers - especially from teenagers looking for their favorite music groups.
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    I do quite well with AllPosters myself. I see all the talk over at Sitepoint, and I'd love to chime in, but I gave up posting there a long time ago (still read the Affiliates forum every now and then). My 2 best months were last August and September, I made about $1000 combined.

    I've been a member since last April, and I've made low to mid triple digits every month. I joined 12 days before the end of the month, they had a 20% off sale going on and I made nearly $300 in those 12 days.

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