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    Question Incentive Program
    Dear Friends ,

    My company (advertiser) has recently applied the following commission terms:

    8.00% on Item List: Products Over $1,500
    10.00% on Item List: Products from $500 to $1,500
    12.00% on Item List: Products From $150 to $500
    15.00% for all other items

    In the commission box it says 8-15% which as you can see is only partially true as we apply the 8% only to items aboove $1,500, which in the case of our company refers to a reallly small percent of all items (lets say 5%).
    Most of our products are under $150.

    We are thinking about changing it to a flat 12% as we think it "looks better" for the affiliates.

    I would appreciate some feedback from you guys, thanks in advance.

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    Hmm...i guess noone will answer

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    I reckon you should leave it as is, and state the above about your products mostly being under $150 on your merchant blurb page. Better to give your prospective affiliates as much info as possible. Putting 12% on the 'get links' pages would probably just confuse people to be honest and they may even feel misled.

    Actually, re-reading your post: Do you mean just changing your 'get links' to say 12%, or do you mean changing ALL your item percentages to 12%. I.e. everything an affiliate sells will give 12% commission. Obviously the two are very different.

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    Thanks for your reply Christh.

    And, yes, I was thinking about changing the program terms to flat 12%, instead of giving different commission rates. My question was whether which of those would you guys prefer...

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