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    Question Who Stole My Penny?
    I've noticed that most of my direct deposits from CJ are short a penny. Anyone else seeing this? Any explanation from CJ?

    December: CJ shows XXXX.31, deposit was XXXX.31.
    November: CJ shows XXXX.74, deposit was XXXX.73.
    October: CJ shows XXXX.91, deposit was XXXX.90.
    September: CJ shows XXXX.44, deposit was XXXX.44.
    August: CJ shows XXXX.86, deposit was XXXX.85.
    July: CJ shows XXXX.90, deposit was XXXX.90.
    June: CJ shows XXXX.33, deposit was XXXX.32.
    May: CJ shows XXXX.60, deposit was XXXX.59.

    I'm sure it's just a rounding error somewhere. Nobody's going to get rich off our pennies (no matter how many movies get made about it). It's just kind of annoying when I try to reconcile my bank statement.

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    Yeah, i brought this up a long time ago, was told it was because of rounding. They calculate and keep comissions at more than 2 decimals, so when it is all added together, and presented with 2 decimals, they can be off slightly. In theory, if they round up at .5 (which i think they do), this would work out to our benefit. Obviously nothing appreciable until you were with CJ for a century or two.

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    I am seeing more of this lately, and the error is never in my favor. I've never had this problem with any other company, and I've been working online for a long time now. It's high time CJ corrected this.

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    I had this figured out at one point.

    Here's my old post:


    Quote Originally Posted by My Old Post
    Transactions (to 3rd decimal place)

    They display that as

    But you've really got a total of 7.941 (rounds to 7.94), not the 7.95 that you'd expect by looking at the rounded figures.
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    I have no problems with Pennies.

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