take at least one ex-adlogic guy, an ugly site, some confusing concepts and tons of bs and you get:
Demologic Software will protect your computer from unwanted Adware and Spyware making your surfing experience more enjoyable, safe and usefull. Our software will automatically update to make sure you are always protected against the ever changing Adware and Spyware products. Our software will also make available to you offers from our trusted Advertising partners on products or services you have expressed an interest in seeing. Our software will also alert you if we find a better price on an item you are about to purchase.
They have been going after content sites to run their "ads" and then i ran into them on another forum, where of course they wanted to chat on the phone so they could say anything they wanted and not have it saved for others to see.

But it is nice of them to clear off the adware, to install their own - which they claim is not adware, but just behaves exactly like adware...