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    You'd think that with 1848 clicks these Cooke Bros. would turn a sale for bargain shoppers. ZERO-ZIP and no end to the drought in sight. Maybe they forgot to put a cash register at the end of their shopping cart checkout line. Anyone ever get a sale from them???

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    Yup... The products from there sell okay. A little under 1% CR--not stellar but not totally in the cellar.

    That front page really sucks--I can see 5 anti-conversionary things on it at a glance. (1, they have a catalog request link. 2, there's a picture of their warehouse hogging the prime page space. 3, they start with blather about themselves and not what's great about their STUFF! 4, the link that says "Computer Monitor Shelf" has a picture of PLATES AND CUPS! 5, the cartoon of the brothers is showing cRook brothers...they look like old-time Mafia gangsters!)

    Avoiding showing the front page (ie, product links) is probably what has let any CR through. Although I must admit they really don't seem ready for Prime Time on a lot of fronts. They have a couple of products that I couldn't get elsewhere (at least not with any worthwhile terms) which is why I use them at all.

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