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    Question In need of some direction to start out.
    Please let me know if I am in the wrong place for I am a newbie and still learning.
    I have bought and read handful of materials related to affliate program, ad networks and buying ad space which gave me an idea --somewhat a jagged understanding but lack the EXPERIENCE to making it right. Also I have exposure in a very successful internet marketing firm from a technical perspective but have been held back from attaining some of administrative, sales, campaigning and investment experience regardless of the successes I have contributed (sadly there is lesser regard for the technical people there). I don't have a big budget at all (only about a $1000) is why I fear of the risk I
    may expose myself having I lack the skills and know-how to survive this ever-growing industry. I am interested in publishing campaigns from, and more but somewhat weary on the right way to take on the making deals for ad space with prospective websites. I also understand the CPM, CPA, CPC, PPC concept of publishing campaigns and somewhat the concept of 'renting ad web space at cpm basis (which is my most troubled area). Would anyone be kind enough to be able to give me heads up on how I can invest the right way without falling victim to the sharks of the industry. Thank you!

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    You will fall victim to the sharks of the industry. All of us do anyway. Check the posts on tracking, on parasites, on site copiers etc. Keep informed. Take action. This board brings us affiliates together so we can support one another in these shark infested waters.

    You already have more exposure than many of us when we started in this biz so you will have a better head start. $1000 is a lot of money to start off this biz with. Just don't splurge it unnecessarily. Spend only what you must on the best prices you can get.

    When you make money. don't be too excited, save it for a rainy period. Get hit in the serps, lose your sites, you might not have any income for months, only expenses, so when you do well, save as much as possible to tide through the tough times, which could last for months.. maybe a year? You need tenacity in this biz. I've been through the ecstatic high periods when it seems to be raining money, and through the times when the sales dry up with $0 sales a day.

    A businesswoman once said to me. In any business, there will be times when you feast daily on lobster and wine while other times when you can only afford bread and water. The store beside herd did not even have money to pay rent, although several years back, their business was booming. Be prepared for that in any business.

    This is not a get rich scheme. Neither is it for the faint hearted. It is rewarding for those who love this game. Not for the risk averse.

    Sorry I have to be so negative but while you can see the good aspects of this biz, see all the pics of cars bought with affiliate income on this board, everything comes with a price.

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    Well said....Aff Marketing is like any other business out there. For every one who succeeds through hard work, there are several who fail because they thought it was a get rich quick scheme.

    That being said, $1,000 is alot more than some of my clients have had to get their on-line businesses started. With $1,000 you can do a lot in the realm of PPC if spent correctly. Don't always bid on the obvious words, there is more competition there.

    To put it in context, I had a client launch yesterday with a $100 per month PPC budget. In his first day, he had his first sale. I think he must have been waiting by the computer and checking regularly because no sooner did I get notification from the cart that there was a sale, then he called all excited that it was his first sale.

    It is an exciting world not for the faint of heart. After riding the .com wave in 99 and 2000 and then the bust of 01 and 02 I can tell you that the roller coaster can be very steep at times, but always exhilerating.
    Chris Mayr
    When amassed, even dust can become a mountain.

    There is a finite amount of intelligence but an infinite amount of stupidity in the universe

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    To womanht

    Thanks for a great post. In response to your comment, "Sorry I have to be so negative but while you can see the good aspects of this biz, see all the pics of cars bought with affiliate income on this board, everything comes with a price" - that's not negative, that's realistic! This is great information for anyone, especially those who are just starting out.

    To buckles - good luck with everything. It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in this business. If you think you have what it takes, go for it.

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