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    1099 Timeliness?
    2004 was my first year doing this, so I am not awaiting my 1099s. How timely are most companies with those? I assume CJ, SaS, etc. are very good, but I also have a few coming from indies.


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    Depending on how many you are expecting, be prepared to wait a while.

    I don't usually file until early to mid March because of the tardiness of 1099's. On several occasions, I've had to request copies for a few that didn't show up at all.
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    Companies are suppose to send them out by the 31st of Jan. So First week to 2nd week of Febuary they should arrive.

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    You owe taxes on all your earnings whether you get 1099s or not, so it's really not necessary to wait.

    I find that about half of them are mailed out by 1/31 and about 80-90% of them by 2/28. I've had some come over six months late.

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    In the US, companies are required to file them by 1/31 for their own purposes. However, they are not required to send you any at all. They just report all individuals whom they paid for services greater than $500 or $600 each year.

    Your best bet is to keep copies of checks received and keep an accurate reporting for yourself. Otherwise, most often you can find reports on the various sites that tell you how much you made for a time period so you can just set the dates to include all of the previous year and should be able to figure it out that way.
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    From the IRS website:

    "If you make payments in excess of $600 to a worker who is not considered an employee, you must prepare Form 1099 Miscellaneous Income. Copies of this form must be provided to the worker and the IRS."

    We went through this last year. You won't receive 1099's from any merchant you earned less than 600 from, but you ARE supposed to receive one from any you earned greater than 600. Even if you did not earn 600 from a merchant, you do have to include that in your income anyway.

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