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    180's Advertisers TOS

    Of particular interest (to me at least) Section 8 (and last line of Section 2 taken into context with Section 8). They've basically disclaimed themselves of any responsibility of what their Advertisers are doing through their system. Guess here lies the answer to the question (at least from their perspective) of who is responsible for the behavior through their software by other affiliates advertising through them.

    Now after reading Section 2 and the second paragraph of Section 8, I'm almost tempted to take them up on that $100 free offer to just see exactly what they suggest to their Advertisers as "Targets." Oh so tempting that thought was.....but then I read Section 9. Oh my...wouldn't be worth the hassle of doing so if I couldn't tell anyone.

    Moving along...Section 11..pretty much what would seem the standard indemification clause. But then you must take that into context (pun intended) with what their service really does. And a closer look at ii) (double ) and iii) (going back to that pesky Section 9 clause).

    Section 12 just made me laugh. First line being
    You expressly agree that your use of the MetricsDirect advertising system is at your own risk.
    Pretty standard legalese, but when again taken into context here....
    And then
    ...makes any warranty or representation whatsoever regarding the MetricsDirect advertising system, the success of your target listing as measured in any way, any information, services or products provided or available through or in connection with MetricsDirect and/or the MetricsDirect advertising system or any results obtained through the use thereof.
    Bolding by me. The part where I just LMAO.

    I got a good laugh in Section 14 when I saw that one of the reasons they can terminate/cancel your account as an Advertisers if they feel your conduct as an Advertiser may be harmful to other consumers. I've reallly got to wonder what would constitute such conduct in the eyes of 180Solutions.

    The moral of the story here. First is that this is actually looking like a very well written CYA document (which such documents are supposed to be).

    Second and more importantly, always know who you are doing business with and read the fine print!

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    We should make their CYA spin masters wear more perfume. The odor is pooring from that document. Hire the 180Solutions Theftware train and we'll give you a 100.00 spiff (or sniff) just to get ya hooked. Perfect for them to uncover the unethical greed driven desperate marketers and compile their info into a sellable package. You can bet they don't allow a newbee sucker to just spend out the 100.00 freebee.
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    Funny. I was also tempted to take advantage of their $100 free advertising to get the inside scoop on how it works from the advertisers' side and what companies and/or websites are targeted with specific keywords. I would have never been able to keep my mouth shut though. And the last thing I would want to do is get sales that should rightfully be credited to someone else.

    I wonder if their confidentiality agreement would hold in a court of law if someone "talked" after joining their "adwhore" program to get the ins and outs and got proof from the advertiser's side that 180Solutions are stealing from others? Combine that with all the videos you guys have posted and those you haven't, wouldn't that make a good case in court?


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    It's really discouraging that there are so many unethical people out there. I guess I should remind myself that there are a lot of people with high standards as well, and just do the best I can to protect myself and my site.

    Thanks, Kellie, for the great post.

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